Unbekannte Medaille

Europa (ohne Euros) und Afrika - ab etwa 1500.

Unbekannte Medaille

Beitragvon fanatyk6 » So 26.02.06 14:36

I’ve found this disc in = western Poland. It’s probably made of aluminum. One side has a coat of arms of Gdańsk (German Danzig; Gdańsk – polish city near the Baltic Sea). The words, _oneta nova civitatis dan____ (originally MONETA NOVA CIVITAS DANTISCI – Coin New City Gdańsk) are also on this side. But the coat of arms is incorrect – the crown should be inside the shelter not above it. Below the coat of arms is date 1567. On the other side are only little dots. Diameter – 29 mm. Weight around 1-1,5 g. As you can see someone used it as a medallion. In literature on this topic I’ve found that this coat of arms was used only on the polish king Zygmunt August Talar from 1567. Only 3 coins remains (in Petersburg, Gdańsk and ? (England). Unfortunately my disc is smaller than those talar. The talar has 41 mm diameter and weight 27,68 g.
Woud appreciate any help that is given.
PS: Could anybody trnaslate my post into German cause my German is horrible.
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