Stempeldrehung keine 180 Grad

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Stempeldrehung keine 180 Grad

Beitragvon Lupos » Mi 10.01.18 10:44

Gab es beim Morgan Dollar und beim Barber Half Dollar Stempeldrehungen abweichend der 180 Grad?
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Re: Stempeldrehung keine 180 Grad

Beitragvon villa66 » Sa 13.01.18 08:30

American coins are struck in "coin" orientation, but examples with "rotated dies" (which deviate from the norm) are fairly common throughout the American coin series. These minor errors are usually of little interest, but some specialists look for them.

For fun, I note the terms commonly used in the American coin hobby are "coin" versus "medal" orientation, while in the Italian coin hobby their usual counterparts are French and German orientation.

:) v.
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