Other misterious coin ...at least for me !!

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Other misterious coin ...at least for me !!

Beitragvon aidab » Do 27.10.05 20:10


This piece weights 0.6 and it's diammeter is 16-20 mm
It shows an eagle in one side and the other shows 2 animals I can not deduce may be bears , may be goats ?.. I do not know

I would appreciate your colaboration to solve my doubts.

Thanks in advance.
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Beitragvon Takagi » Do 27.10.05 22:48


This coin is a so called „Wiener Pfennig“ from the 13th century.

Pfennig, Vienna
Leopold VI. (1198-1230 duke of Austria) from the Babenberger dynasty
Coin struck between ca. 1210-1230
Avers: Eagle
Revers: Two animals looking at each other
Corpus Nummorum Austriacorum Number B111a
Luschin, Wiener Münzwesen im Mittelalter Number 37

In the CNA there is also no description of what species the animals are.

This is one of the first coins that was struck in Vienna. The eagle looks similar to the one used
on the coin CNA Number B109 (here the eagle looks in the other direction) and the design of
CNA B109 was used for the beautiful 1000 Schilling silver/gold coin “800 years mint Vienna” of 1994.
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