50 pfennig 1950 without mintmark?

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50 pfennig 1950 without mintmark?

Beitragvon pk2017 » Di 02.05.17 21:23

Can anybody tell me what is it? Weak strike? Intensive wear? Obliteration of mintmark for fraud? Coin itself is absolutely genuine and was bought as a part of large heap of small coins of German Federal Republic. Sorry for English.
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Re: 50 pfennig 1950 without mintmark?

Beitragvon Numis-Student » So 07.05.17 17:01

Hello PK,

all your ideas are possible. There are coins known with weak strike in that year, there are manipulated coins known wich should be sold as misstrikes...

I´m not shure, but in my eyes it is manipulated: the place of the mint mark is brighter than the rest and the scratches are deeper in this space...

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