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Zwei Münzen-Fragen: 1-DM

BeitragVerfasst: Do 02.11.17 16:18
von villa66
Paging through my coin-notebook looking for something about the Hamburg mint in ’43, I happened across two previous entries with open questions. Any ideas?

1: The German U-boat U995 had been surrendered to the British in ’45 and joined the Norwegian navy as the Kaura in ’52. The Norwegians finished with her in the mid-‘60s and then sold her back to the Germans, who opened the U995 as a museum ship at Laboe in October 1971. The price asked for the surplus submarine by the Norwegians? A single Deutsche Mark. Maybe a Hamburg-mint 1971j like this one? Almost certainly not, as the purchase probably occurred in the mid- to late-‘60s, and a real coin may not have been involved at all. But if not, someone missed one heck of a photo-op. (xx)

On #1, was there an actual coin involved?

2: This 1974j 1-DM seems to be a real oddity; despite the 1971 changeover to a new font for “DEUTSCHE MARK,” this Hamburg-mint product displays the old font of 1950-70. (xx)

On #2, well, anything on the subject of the font change and the use of the old (pre-71) dies is welcome….

:) v.

Re: Zwei Münzen-Fragen: 1-DM

BeitragVerfasst: Do 02.11.17 21:43
von KarlAntonMartini
In the seventies the german mints changed to new motherdies. Over a period of about ten years the old and new motherdies were mixed in preparing new dies for the coins. Thats why a big number of variaties of all german coins of this period exist. The first catalogue was written by Erich Paproth (+). The latest author seems to be a Mr. Lütgemeier. As a student I was for a while interested in these coins, but it proved not so satisfying to collect hundreds of very similar looking coins and I dropped it. Best regards, KarlAntonMartini

Re: Zwei Münzen-Fragen: 1-DM

BeitragVerfasst: Fr 03.11.17 08:02
von villa66
Thanks for the insight, KAM. I was doing some upgrading one night when it occurred to me I was looking at a difference in fonts. Looked at my set of marks and found the '70-71 break-point. Only found the single exception, though.

I understand the relative dullness of the 1-DM series. For me, I guess, that's much of its charm. Five decades of rock-steady sameness, all dignified and plain-spoken. One of the world's most meaningful 20th century coin series, and beautiful thereby--or so I think, anyway.

That said, I've seen some of the coins you went on to collect: gorgeous!

:D v.