Books on East Europe medieval coinage

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Books on East Europe medieval coinage

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Dear Sirs,

Let me introduce my works of different years on Russian and Lithuanian medieval coinage:

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Russian Wire Coins 1533-1645 guide book

During the long centuries of history, Russia produced rich numismatic material, counting tens of thousands of coin varieties. One of the most interesting periods of Russian numismatics is the era of the last Rurikovichi, a difficult «Time of Troubles», and the first years of the mighty Romanov dynasty.

EARLY RUSSIAN COINS 1353-1533. Full catalogue

The anticipated catalogue "Early Russian Coins, 1353-1553" is a study of the wonderful and fascinating world of the earliest Russian coinage of the feudal and fragmented Russian states, never before published outside Russia and almost unknown in the West. Before the later 14th century, Russia was an assembly of small independent states, plagued by infighting and lingering under the overlordship of the Mongols. Starting in the 14th century and in under a century most of these Russian states were united under the rule of Moscow, partially through treaties and other political means and partially through heavy-handed military action. By the late 15th century the unification was complete, and a large single state with a capital in Moscow was formed.

Many of the feudal Russian states minted coins of their own starting in the 14th century, using new and original designs and naming their own rulers. The coinage, almost unknown in the West, exhibits a fascinating diversity, with many hundreds of types in silver and bronze produced. These early coins include imitations of the Mongol (Golden Horde) dangs, coins combining Russian elements and Islamic elements and, finally, a huge range of purely Russian coins showing a surprising variety of designs including biblical themes and verses, mythological themes and animals, numerous violent scenes of fighting, stabbings, decapitations and other things one might expect from medieval coins. Other strange things found on these coins are designs showing Alexander of Macedon, scenes of homage, scenes of coin minting and ever-present Russian inscriptions naming the ruling Dukes.

This catalogue includes descriptions and images of many hundreds of coins, from the inception of the native Russian coinage to the eventual unification of types under the Vasily Ivanovich of Moscow (1505-1533). Coins of the Russian states which were not conquered by Moscow (such as Lithuania and Red Russia) are also included this book. The relative rarity ranking for all the listed coins is also given, which should be of immense help to any collector of medieval coins.

The information is based on the most modern numismatic research available, but is presented in a simple-to-use way, aiming to introduce this fascinating coinage to the wide circle of both collectors and researchers. This book is an English edition of "Russian Coins 1353-1533" of 2013 which has now become a standard catalogue for Russian medieval coins being actually a first publication of such scale since 19th century catalogues.

LITHUANIAN COINS 1350-1536. Full catalogue

This is the most complete up to date catalogue of late medieval and early modern times coinage of the Grand principality of Lithuania and its Russian apanages.

Early Russian coins and their values. Volume 1

This book is a first volume of the series of price guides, which presents the main types of early Russian coins. Coin values are listed along with the results of some auction sales collected by means of the Coinarchives service. In order to learn medieval Russian coins thoroughly, we recommend our standard catalogue “Early Russian Coins 1353–1533” by Huletski, Petrunin and Fishman, printed in Charlestown in 2015.

I'd be more than happy to discuss and reply any questions on medieval numismatics of Russia and Lithuania. You may reach me at

Sorry for writing in English.
Dzmitry Huletski

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