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Re: Date-collecting.

Beitrag von villa66 » Sa 20.07.19 11:09

Another DM replaced by a better grade coin, now headed home for redemption.


Sometimes, with date-collecting, new knowledge creates new meaning, or changes it. A couple of months ago, for instance, I probably would have looked at this 1956d 1-DM and asked what the nearby Hungarian uprising of ’56 looked like through German eyes. But not now.

Now—after a conversation with Mynter here on the Numismatikforum—I look at this 1956d 1-DM and think… 100 pfennigs, stacked!

In ’56 the slang word “Pfennigabsätze” (“pfennig-stacks,” aka “stiletto heels”) was just working its way unto the language. At a thickness of 1.38mm each, the 100 pfennigs contained in this ’56 DM made a “pfennig-stack” 13.8 centimeters (5.5 inches) high. It’s enough for a quite respectably-sized stiletto heel, or more than enough for a pair of the short stiletto-type shoes known as ‘kitten heels.” So this 1956d Deutsche Mark? Think fashion icon!

:) v.

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