Restaurant Token aus Afrika

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Restaurant Token aus Afrika

Beitrag von Marcisharki » Mo 07.12.09 22:24

Moin zusammen :D ,

ich habe bereits einige Hotel Token aus Afrika, aber ein "Restaurant Token" fehlte mir bislang in meiner Sammlung !

Dieser Token stammt aus Durban und ist ein 1 Penny Token von Peter`s lounge tea room and restaurant. Es gibt noch 2 weitere Varianten...

Dieser Token wurde in USA geprägt und ab 1927 als Geldersatz für d. Flipperautomaten (Pin-Table) in der Gaststätte benutzt !

Material: Messing
Durchmesser: 14 mm
Gewicht: 4,2 gr.

Hat jemand noch andere Token aus der Gastronomie ? :icecream:

Schöne Grüße

Süd Afrika Restaurant Token a.jpg
Süd Afrika Restaurant Token_NEW.jpg
A token a day keeps the doctor away !!

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Beitrag von pinkx » So 13.12.09 15:08

Peter's Lounge Tea Room, Durban, South Africa

According to Pat Moran (Reference "The Tokens of Natal, 1970):
"One of the earlier hostelries of Durban was the Public House Trust on the bluff. This establishment was not only popular with local railway staff but it also served as a useful half-way house for fisherman on their way to and from the South Pier. Waiters were provided by the Indian community and one of these, the young SM Naidoo, began his career there. From the Public House Trust Mr Rudd graduated to the Anzac lounge. When the owner of the Anzac lounge, a certain Mr. Watson returned to England as a result of ill health he gave Mr. Naidoo £ 100 as well as the furniture from the Anzac lounge so that he could open his own restaurant.

Mr Rudd went from strength to strength, opening the mySOL Café in Queen Street in 1919, Peter's Cafe in 1923 and finally Peter's Lounge in 1927. In all these establishments there were pin tables for the entertainment of the guests. All these machines were in fact owned by Mr. Rudd and he received a percentage of the takings. It was for this purpose that in 1935 he had a set of tokens issued. It is interesting to note that in fact these tokens were minted in the United States of America.

It is not known just how many of these tokens were actually minted but, bearing in mind the use to which they were put, it can be safely assumed that they were, at one time, as numerous as the grains of sand on the South Beach [Ed - but yet seldom seen today?]. It is not without interest to note that a number of them had holes in the center and that these holes were of different sizes and shapes. It may be incorrect but local legend had it that each place wherein its own tokens by a certain shape of hole in the center. "

Known Tokens Issued
Denominations: 1d
Material: Brass
Size: 21.1 mm diameter, 1.4 mm thick (all pieces)
Edge: Reeded or smooth
There are three variety's (A, B and C) recorded in Hern's 2009 Token Handbook (see pg 204)

Type A - obverse legend around The Edge is "PETER'S LOUNGE TEA ROOM AND RESTAURANT. The" AND "not in the obverse legend around The Edge is written horizontally, curving with the rest of the legend. Reverse legend around The Edge is" GOOD FOR 1 PENNY AT PETER'S LOUNGE ".

Type B - Similar to Type A but with a punch mark in the center and some variations to the text sizes of the reverse legend around The Edge eg "AT"

Type C - Token is holed. Legend Around The Edge is "GOOD FOR ONE PENNY." Legend around the hole is "AT PETER'S LOUNGE".

Attached Images
1) Type A token
Peter's Lounge Token - Type A.JPG

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Beitrag von pinkx » So 13.12.09 15:10

New Token (Type D) for Peter's Lounge Tea Room

The following new token (Type D) for Peter's Lounge Tea Room was omitted from the token Hern's 2009 catalog.

It is the same as Type C (see previous posting) but without the central hole.

Three of these Type D tokens are currently known - besides this piece, there is another piece in the collection Scott Balson (that can be seen on his website) and the third piece resides with another prominent token collector.

No doubt there is probably a few more of these tokens out there?
Peter's Lounge Token - Type D.JPG

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Beitrag von Marcisharki » So 13.12.09 18:14

Thanks for the Information - that is a great help ! :D

kindest regards

A token a day keeps the doctor away !!

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