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An: Fidel Castro et al

Beitrag von Interloper » Mi 20.08.03 03:18

Would be happy to supply some information about Cuban coins and banknotes but I am not a diplomat or a lawyer. I believe the following is true but this may not be completely correct.
As I understand it, in the USA:
It is not illegal to collect Cuban coins and bank notes -- many people do, especially Cuban refugees and their children. The USA is a strong market for Cuban numismatics -- much better than Cuba itself.
It is illegal to import Castro-era coins and bank notes into the USA. I believe this falls under the "Trading With the Enemy Act."
If you are a non-USA citizen the USA government will not know that you deal with the Cuban government. On the other hand, if you deal in anthrax or atomic bombs they may know about you.
Many small countries, including Cuba, strike or print series of commemorative coins, bank notes and stamps for sale to collectors thruout the world in an effort to raise hard currency.
I guess this is enough for the middle of the night on this subject.

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Beitrag von pesocubano » Mi 20.08.03 19:04

@ Interloper: Thanks a lot! :D

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