NYT Artikel "The ISIS files"


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NYT Artikel "The ISIS files"

Beitrag von Posa » Mo 09.04.18 03:03

Nur so am Rande: Ein interessanter Artikel zur Finanzierung des IS:

https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/201 ... -iraq.html

Eine deutsche Zusammenfassung z.B. hier:

Ich zitier mal (Unterstreichung durch mich):

"One of the keys to their success was their diversified revenue stream. The group drew its income from so many strands of the economy that airstrikes alone were not enough to cripple it.
Ledgers, receipt books and monthly budgets describe how the militants monetized every inch of territory they conquered, taxing every bushel of wheat, every liter of sheep’s milk and every watermelon sold at markets they controlled. From agriculture alone, they reaped hundreds of millions of dollars. Contrary to popular perception, the group was self-financed, not dependent on external donors.
More surprisingly, the documents provide further evidence that the tax revenue the Islamic State earned far outstripped income from oil sales. It was daily commerce and agriculture — not petroleum — that powered the economy of the caliphate.

Gruß Posa

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