collection szaivert Griechischer munzkatalog

Griechische Münzen des Altertums

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collection szaivert Griechischer munzkatalog

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please forgive me to use the English language
I'm a student at the university in Ghent (Belgium) and i have to make a paper around the coiange of the Celts. I also had to found some collections where celtic coins are in described. i have found the Griechischer Munzkatalog from Szaivert und Sear, but now my question is: which collection are they using? is it a personal collection? is it a collection from an university?...I already looked at his website but their i didn't find the answer, so if anybody could help me.
Tomorrow i have to finish my paper...Thanks a lot

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Szaivert-Sear is something like a German translation of the original Sear. Both are no collection catalogues, but rather short first aid guides for collectors. They use several collections and catalogues, which are indicated by abbreviations below the respective catalogue entry and registrated with their full quotations in a list among the paratexts.
Good luck!

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Hello, if I am right, I think, that the Sear Greek Coins And Their Values are from lot of collections, but the photos used there are of coins, which are in British Museum.

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