unidentified denar

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unidentified denar

Beitrag von A » Mo 10.07.06 11:49

Please help me to identify this denar. By accompanying finds
it is issued before 1090

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Beitrag von mumde » Mo 10.07.06 20:52

Your coin is obviously not a German coin, but I think that it imitates German coins. The hand side might be inspired by coins from Trier which show the hand of St. Peter holding two keys. And a cross with letters in the field can be found on coins from Cologne (Köln). Hävernick in his catalogue of the coins of Cologne mentions a similar imitation which came from a Russian find which was dated 1065. I add Hävernick’s illustration below. The lack of peck marks suggests that your coin is not from a Scandinavian find, so I should think that your coin, too, was found in Poland or Russia, and was struck there in the 11th century imitating the German coins which had come there by trade.
zu Häv. 783.jpg
Gruß mumde

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Beitrag von A » Di 11.07.06 12:16

Perfectly! Many thanks for detailed answers and for the reference on Hävernick! Unfortunately, this book is very difficult for getting.
Really, this coin is found in Russia, in the south of Ladoga lake. And your information is very important for me.
Best regards

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