Pegasus 10-lire, for fun.

Europa (ohne Euros) und Afrika - ab etwa 1500.
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Pegasus 10-lire, for fun.

Beitrag von villa66 » Mi 22.04.20 10:57

I pulled a “Pegasus” 10-lire from my duplicates for my grand-daughter because it was the closest thing to a unicorn that I had. (Her ultimate compliment these days is to call someone a “rainbowy unicorn.”) While I was playing around I checked into my notebook entries for these coins….


x: I have read that large size 10-lire pieces like this one dated 1949 were snapped up by the neighboring Swiss for use as the stuffing in buttons. (There seems to be a lot of confusion—and doubt—within the Italian numismatic community over the “buttons” business, but ‘50s fashion design and the negligible foreign exchange value of these pieces at the time don’t contradict the story.) At any rate, the large-size 10-lire was quickly replaced by a smaller coin. This is another aluminum piece I much admire. Beautiful obverse Pegasus, and a good reverse depiction of the olive. The significance of that? Pizza of course. I was horrified(!) as a kid in the mid-‘60s when I learned the Italians used olive oil on their pizzas, but quickly learned that—much as I liked it—no American pizza could compare. Rimini and the octopi topping notwithstanding. (02)

:) v.

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Re: Pegasus 10-lire, for fun.

Beitrag von Erdnussbier » Mi 22.04.20 11:39

Hello villa!

Even when its just for fun I do enjoy reading your little stories.
I also have a favorite coin with a pegasus but not from Italy.
This greek 10 Drachen piece comes with its 27 mm diameter also in a nice size.

Regards Erdnussbier
Täglich grüßt das Erdnussbier...

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Re: Pegasus 10-lire, for fun.

Beitrag von villa66 » Do 23.04.20 09:24

Thanks for the kind words, Erdnussbier. And I share your high opinion of the ’73 Greek 10-drachma. In the metal these coins seem very clean and crisp—uncluttered too. Definitely a good-looking coin. (Now that you’ve reminded me of it, I’ll have something else to give to my grand-daughter for her jewelry-box.)

;) v.

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