Neues über Konstantins Constantinopolis-prägungen

Alles was so unter den Römern geprägt wurde.

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Neues über Konstantins Constantinopolis-prägungen

Beitrag von romeman » Di 29.01.19 18:43

Eine neue Studie wurde gerade von Lars Ramskold veröffentlicht, in Jahrbuch für Numismatik und Geldgeschichte, vol. 68, 2018:

The silver emissions of Constantine I from Constantinopolis, and the celebration of the millennium of Byzantion in 333/334 CE.

Zusammenfassung (in English):

This study presents the first evidence for a millennium celebration of the foundation of Byzantion, the city re-named Constantinopolis by Constantine I. An emission of silver donatives consists of miliarense and siliquae carrying the letter M, interpreted here to stand for the 1,000 years celebration, dated here to 333/334 CE. Supplementing the author’s previous publications of the silver emissions produced for the inauguration of Constantinopolis in 330 CE, a complete revision of all other Constantinian silver emissions from the city is presented, based on the 199 specimens known today. A review is given of Constantine’s evolving hair style, which is an important chronological indicator. i.e. changes in hair style are followed from 330 to 335 CE in the five bronze coinage emissions of Rome, and a revision and new chronology of these emissions are given. Completing the revision of all silver emissions from Constantinopolis under Constantine I, evidence is presented for the four remaining groups: the NOB CAESS medallions are made of bronze, not silver; the Constantiniana dafne gold and silver specimens are all forgeries; the authenticity of the Hanniballianus silver is questionable; and the AVGVSTVS/CAESAR medallions are not from Constantinopolis, but some are from Rome. Finally, the reasons why Eusebius abruptly discontinued his Chronicles in 326 are discussed, and Jerome’s contributions 40 years later for the 276th Olympiad are identified.

Diese Studie kann auf heruntergeladen werden.

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Re: Neues über Konstantins Constantinopolis-prägungen

Beitrag von shanxi » Di 29.01.19 20:38

Sieht gut aus. Hab' ich gleich heruntergeladen. Hier noch ein direkter Link: ... 333_334_CE

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